New Bitcoin Startup Makes Remembering Your BTC Address Easy

jfGi in plain English:

The service links your Twitter username to your public bitcoin address. You no longer need to remember a long string of up to 35 alphanumeric characters that resembles intricate code, trying to copy and paste on the run – Just ask for the recipients jfGi link, click on it on your mobile when they share it with you and you’re good to go.

Get your own jfGi in 3 easy steps…

  1. Send a Direct Message (DM) with your public BTC addresses that you wish to receive Bitcoin payments at.
  2. Please hodl while the @jfGi chatbot securely links your Twitter username to your public BTC address and responds with your new jfGi link via DM eg:

Your crypto address just got easy to remember and share thanks to jfGi

Cape Town, South Africa, July 2018: When you ask users of cryptocurrency about transferring bitcoin to each other, the general consensus is that it could be easier. It’s a definite stumbling block for many users and for those who are very new to cryptocurrency, enough to make them rethink their decision to purchase cryptocurrency from the start.

It doesn’t come down to confidence, it comes down to making the user experience hassle-free, natural and easy.

Introducing ‘just for Getting it [dot] CryptoCurrency – (jfGi) – a South African Blockchain startup making bitcoin easy to use, and easy to transfer the cryptocurrency between users.

“jfGi simplifies and demystifies receiving bitcoin payments for anyone, anywhere on any mobile device in the world with just 1 click. It really is a case of clicking on an easy to remember link and you’ll be transacting on the bitcoin blockchain.” – Rafiq PhillipsTED Fellow & founder of jfGi

Phillips continues, “Since starting to accept payments for my consulting services in Bitcoin it became time consuming and cumbersome to copy/paste my wallet address and create a QR code for every invoice. At the end of April 2018, I used my personal site to develop what has become the Alpha version of jfGi today. Working with my development partner, Tim Akinbo, who is also the co-founder of Nigerian Bitcoin company,, the twitter chatbot is being fine-tuned.”
Using only Twitter, crowdsourcing and open source business design principles, the first users – ‘The jfGi 💯’ – helped in sharing requests for new features, and sharing the idea of jfGi. With just over 100 users, their jfGi’s have already been clicked over 20000 times.

“I’m blown away by the various use-cases from schools using jfGi for Bitcoin fundraising to twitter users collecting Bitcoin tips from their followers. The feedback we’ve received and numbers are testament that consumers were ready for this,” say Phillips.

In a Q&A earlier this year, Mastering Bitcoin author, Andreas M. Antonopoulos stressed the importance of why bitcoin wallets user interfaces need to be easy to use as this is the first experience new users have with Bitcoin.

“jfGi is the glue between the easy to use foundation of internet communication (the URL) and a user’s bitcoin wallet.” – says Phillips.

‘The jfGi 💯’ testimonials::

I believe that ( twitter @jfGi) in its simplest form is an execution of the title of the Bitcoin Whitepaper. The entire process was quick and painless. It was set up within 5 minutes – Henry Dekoeyer

For more information on jfGi follow them on Twitter or contact Rafiq Phillips on +27 (0)72 399 9888 or
Please note: Premium features of jfGi is free to charities & non-profits forever.

Any Questions about the service? Simply ask us on Twitter:

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